The department of Information and Communication Technologies, Universitat Pompeu Fabra organized the 3rd Doctoral Students Workshop  on March 20th 2015. The workshop is a unique opportunity for students to interact with other researchers and discuss with them about their proposal, as well as gaining experience in participating in posters sessions. PhD students, especially those who defended their PhD proposal in 2014, took part in the workshop (a full list of the posters is available here).

Photo by Tessy Troes

Photo by Tessy Troes

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  1. Nerea Mangado. “Uncertainty and variability in biomedical engineering”.
  2. Laura Becerra “Addressable wireless microstimulators based on electronic rectification of epidemically applied currents are feasible”.
  3. Diogo Santos Pata “The effects of hyperpolarization-reset on entorhinal grid cells scale and intrinsic frequencies along the dorsal-ventral axis”.
  4. Monica Domínguez “Information structure-prosody interface applied to speech synthesis”.
  5. Raúl Parada “Towards measuring user-object interaction in IoT spaces”.
  • Interdisciplinary approach award to Rafael Caro, enrolled in the UPF Humanities PhD program, “Understanding xipi and erhuang: analysis of the musical dimension of jingju arias”.
  • Mention to other posters (to be listed).
Winners, organizers and some sponsors (photo by Tessy Troes)

Winners, organizers and some sponsors (photo by Tessy Troes)



Interview at TV program Conexió Barcelona, Barcelona Televisió.

More pictures at the Flickr gallery

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