Poster submission

Reasons to participate

 “Conference Poster sessions are quite useful to show your ongoing work and get valuable feedback. Nevertheless, stage fright is always an issue. The DTIC poster session on the other hand allowed me to show my current work, flaws and all, to my peers. The feedback I got was nothing but particular, personal and sincere. I got the chance to reinforce the weak-spots in my arguments by exchanging ideas with my coworkers in a relaxed environment. You can only leave the session with a clearer vision for your PhD. Do not miss it.” Luis Sanabria-Russo, PhD student at NeTS research group, DTIC-UPF.


Participation is limited to PhD students from the DTIC Doctoral Program. Students from other UPF programs or institutions are welcome to contact us if interested in joining.

The mechanism is simple: PhD students are invited to submit a poster related to their PhD proposal / ongoing research before the extended deadline: MARCH 4th. We will take care of printing the posters and making all arrangements. Please follow these steps:

1.- Submission Form

  • All participants are requested to fill up this SUBMISSION FORM as soon as possible.

2.- Posters Design

  • Poster content must be limited to one page only, A0 size (1189 x 841 mm), portrait.
  • Posters should include the DTIC logo.  You can find a Poster_template (power point).
  • Please generate a pdf file to be printed.
  • A poster combines text and graphics to make a visually pleasing presentation. The goal is to quickly and efficiently communicate your research project to viewers that will be walking by.
  • For more instructions on preparing a good scientific poster, refer to recent research seminars slides: here and here.

3.- Posters Submission

4.- Poster printing 

The printing of the posters will be carried out by the secretary of the Department. Posters can be collected the day before the event.

5.- Setup

  • Each presenter will have a dedicated area for poster presentation.
  • All presenters should arrive to the venue at 9:30 to set up their posters as the session begins promptly at 10:00.
  • Pushpins to mount your posters will be provided onsite.
  • All posters will remain displayed throughout the day.

6.- Presentations 

  • You might be requested by the viewers to give a short presentation or answer few questions.
  • Stand by your poster, look welcoming and enthusiastic.
  • Aim at 3 minutes to deliver the important points of your project in a comprehensible and convincing way.
  • Present the background and the purpose of your project, the main findings, and round off with a conclusion.
  • Answer questions using your poster as visual aid.