Best Poster

The best posters will be selected by popular vote.


The first award will consist of a certificate and a travel grant (only for students at the DTIC PhD program). This grant can be used to cover registration fees, travel, accommodation and subsistence costs to attend a dissemination event related to the PhD program (conference, summer school, etc). The maximum allowed cost depends on the location (Spain: Up to 600€; Europe: Up to 900€; Outside Europe: Up to 1400€). In addition to a license of the Vocaloid Singer MAIKA (DVD Edition), sponsored by Vectro Labs.

The second Award consists of a Fnac gift voucher worth 100 EUR kindly sponsored by Oliva Card(LogIm Solutions).

Three Subsequent Awards will be reactable T-shirts and reactable mobile licenses (for IOS or Android).

Interdisciplinary approach award consisting of a 100 EUR Amazon Gift Card sponsored by Near Future Laboratory .

Voting Criteria:

All attendees are invited to vote for only one paper at the end of the sessions. The scientific content and/or relevance is not evaluated. The presentation of the contents, the design and its layout will be the main criteria. Examples of subcriteria that could be considered are included below:


  • Title is meaningful and/or intriguing
  • Research question is clear, thesis or hypothesis or purpose of paper is evident.
  • Method / methodology / approach is clearly explained.
  • Key points of study are laid out.
  • Data/statistics, if any, support the conclusion.
  • Study results/conclusions are clear.

Design and layout

  • Text is legible, large enough, error free.
  • Appearance is professional.
  • Overall layout and aesthetics are pleasing (colorful, appropriate contrast).
  • Images/graphics reflect content and contribute to understanding (not merely decorative).
  • Data/graphs/images are appropriately labeled.
  • Bibliography is available (though not necessarily displayed on poster).
  • Any additional materials (digital, sound, handout, artefact, art object, original paper) contribute meaningfully to poster.
  • Poster is creatively presented